Garden walkways, waterfalls, stone walls
fruit gardens and fields of wildflowers

     Although I have designed many private estates, I found one job especially challenging and exciting.  I was involved with the landscape of a private island estate located off the Midcoast of Maine in the area of Muscongus Bay. The project began with designing perennial gardens, numerous container gardens, maintaining the turf areas of the island and planting wildflower fields.  It soon evolved into management of a landscape project of various garden constructions, including stone walls, garden walkways and various landscape designs around the newly constructed summer residence.  I worked with various architects and construction contractors to make sure we had a cohesive plan to make the island look unique and yet keep a lot of the natural beauty.  Getting the plant materials and equipment we needed to the island required a lot of coordination and planning.

     The finished design incorporated a lot of different garden spaces which included shade gardens, soft fruit gardens of raspberries and blueberries, summer flowering gardens which would produce beautiful cut flowers for the house, and small gardens surrounding the hot tub and other outdoor fixtures.  The stone walkways and walls were surrounded by beautiful flowering plants and small shrubs.  Whether you own an island or a home, I welcome the opportunity to discuss landscaping ideas with you.

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