Managed a 100 acre corporate office park for as
variety of Fortune 200 to 500 corporation names

     From 1979 to 2008 Paul had managed a 100 acre corporate office park for a variety of Fortune 200 to 500 corporation names.  The landscaped areas included 6.5 acres of turf that surround the office park, seasonal flower beds, a variety of trees and shrubs, and decorative ponds.  The flower gardens included the design, ordering, scheduling, planting and maintaining of the beds and monitoring the gardens employing the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system to monitor and control insects and diseases.
      Interior Landscaping of the offices was also Paul’s responsibility. The areas included reception and office plantings with various interior plant varieties, as well as seasonal flower displays designed and maintained, including Christmas decorating throughout the office with the season’s greens and flowering plants.  The hiring and managing the various trade contractors used in and around the office complex including Landscape Architects, Civil Engineers, Irrigation Engineers, Irrigation Contractors, Arborists, Masons, Electricians and Certified Pesticide Applicators were under Paul’s direction.
      Along with the corporate office park landscape, a corporate guest house located in an historic district of a seacoast town, and a corporate penthouse in downtown Boston that consisted of a roof top terrace garden planted with trees, shrubs and seasonal flower gardens required Paul’s supervision.

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